Why You Should Use Content Journeys

Better Funnel Results

Get better results from your marketing at every stage of the sales funnel.

Our mission is to help brands get more value from their content by providing an intelligent destination for every click generated across marketing channels.

Generate New Leads

Acquire new leads and convert website visitors to known prospects.

Surfable allows you to generate more qualified leads using any or all of your content channels, whether it’s a website, blog, display advertising, or a social feed. Our strategy ensures that visitors always see the content that is the most relevant to their interest. Using just the content that visitors need, we keep their attention longer, and convert that attention into engagement more efficiently.

Nurture More Prospects

Nurture prospects on their schedule, not yours.

Your prospects are always learning, researching and increasing their understanding about what they need. So, shouldn’t you always be nurturing that need? The traditional drip-campaign methodology nurtures customer interest by serving them content one piece at a time over a scheduled period of time. This artificial “one-and-done” cadence is too slow to satisfy those qualified buyers who want to know more now.

Our approach is to deliver the amount of content your prospects need when they want it, and thereby avoid having to re-earn their attention over and over again.

Improve Lead Scoring

Supercharge your lead scoring with real engagement data.

Most lead scoring assumes that a click is valuable engagement, but without knowing whether someone actually read your content, you can’t score leads accurately. Surfable provides accurate lead scores by measuring engagement according to how much time prospects actually spend with your content. By providing a definitive indicator of sales readiness, brands can improve lead scoring and reduce the number of “false positives” sent to sales teams.

Account-Based Marketing

Create ABM campaigns & measure account engagement at scale.

Surfable enables ABM at scale by delivering mail merge content journeys personalized for named accounts and audiences – wherever the various contacts within a target organization click. Account-level content engagement analytics measure the volume and intensity of attention across an account, so you can zero in on qualified accounts ready to make a purchase.

Sales Enablement

Package the right content to support your sales team.

Package content such as demo assets, battlecards, videos, etc. into engaging content experiences that your busy reps are more likely to read or watch, while making it easier to track whether they have done so. Create pre-packaged follow-up bundles to send after sales calls, tailored to prospects individual interests. Consolidate all successful marketing, sales, customer success and support resources into a central library that reps can easily access. From the library they can quickly drag and drop assets into a customized content journey experience, which will help guide prospects towards a purchase decision faster.

Customer Retention, Cross-Sell and Upsell

Keep your customers bingeing on your informative content.

Educating and nurturing your customer doesn’t end once they make a purchase. Surfable provides a content platform for evolving the relationship with your customers via newsletters, email, social, your advocacy program and more. Our approach provides engaging ways to keep providing relevant updates — from need-to-know information about new products, features and support updates, to tips to improve processes and solve customer problems.

Content Marketing ROI

Measure engagement and do more of what works.

Traditional metrics like Google Analytics only go so far in helping revenue-driven marketers measure the return on their content marketing investments. Surfable post-click content engagement analytics allow you to see exactly what content your buyers are reading or watching and for how long. Seeing which of your own and third-party assets are engaging and converting buyers, helps you can focus your efforts and budget on doing more of what works.

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Empower your business to move beyond the short-term focus of closing the single transaction to a more holistic approach that wins lifetime customers.