Smarter Content Experiences

The Content Journeys product strategy was born in part by instinct and in part by necessity. We have discovered that to improve customer experience and clear the path to a purchase, you have to move from touch-points to journey-based content experiences.

Design a Customers Journey

Curate and deliver personalized content lists for your audiences using proven, successful content culled from your sales, marketing and support channels. They can view them within a single session using an intuitive, familiar indexed view of all available content.

Whether you want to curate existing content for your prospects or create new content pathways, we have you covered. Allow visitors to navigate through more of your content per click wherever and whenever they engage. It’s as easy as providing a link or adding a few lines of simple and powerful code to your website or blog.

Build Custom Content Pathways

Move your prospects through the most effective content pathways based on predefined parameters, and effectively deliver more material per click to engaged prospects, serving their needs in the moment. This intelligent progression of content enables you deliver the right content to the right people at the right time in the right sequence. Identify sales-ready buyers and dramatically improve conversion rates across your marketing programs.

Customize content pathways based on:

Behavioural Triggers: source, time, device, visit frequency, history, campaigns, etc.

Audience Triggers: signed-up users, users in CRM, or IPs related to an enterprise.

Then... Optimize

Maximize your prospects’ attention by promoting the next best content asset – wherever and whenever they engage. Use self-learning to identify what pathways of content work for which audiences.

Key is to focus on the customer's needs, the customer's journey and experience, and actionable remedies. And to develop effective Content Journeys.

Learn how to create smarter content experiences, speak to one of our Customer Success Advisors

Empower your business to move beyond the short-term focus of closing the single transaction to a more holistic approach that wins lifetime customers.