Five ways Surfable delivers the world’s fastest websites

Websites have long been the digital storefront for businesses all over the globe. Over the last few years, with e-commerce and online surfing on the rise, websites have become the primary source of interactions between consumers and businesses. During these COVID months it has become even more important. That’s why a quality website that performs optimally (think: fast, engaging, and reliable) is critical to drive and maintain relevance. Since building and maintaining an online presence requires a variety of expertise, successful companies, developers, and designers look to website building platforms as the foundation for a quality website. Surfable is a website building platform that, quite simply, is 100% dedicated to helping website owners create lightning fast websites. Why lightning fast? Because in the ocean of the internet, where the majority of surfers will abandon a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load, speed matters. That’s why achieving speed is core to Surfable’s mission. 

Surfable supports an open source ecosystem that leverages real-time technology to produce results that outrank the competition. At Surfable, we draw on our knowledge of the end-to-end digital experience. And achieving speed isn’t just about the speed of the website itself, but how the sum of its parts contribute to continuous optimal performance. Here are five ways Surfable delivers the world’s fastest websites.

1. Surfable credo

In this on-demand economy, we want to cure every web surfers’ insatiable and unrelenting need for speed. We believe that everyone should be connected and enjoy an engaging experience that is lightning fast. This is our mission and we will continuously innovate alongside our community of web professionals to deliver an incredible online experience that is second to none, both now and in the future.

2. Scalable, real-time architecture

Surfable is built on the Erlang programming language, which is the go-to for building scalable, real-time systems that require high availability. Amazon, Facebook, and WhatsApp are just a few of the cloud-based companies that depend on Erlang to provide fast response times for their large number of active users. Best of all, Surfable uses Erlang in the backend, so website owners don’t need to rely on developers that specialize in Erlang to ensure their site runs optimally and continuously, resulting in a better experience for their visitors.

3. Open source infrastructure

Surfable supports Go, one of the most in-demand coding languages today. This means that website owners can tap into the huge programming community that has grown around it. This lets businesses create an online platform that can evolve quickly, while becoming better and more efficient over time. The Go community can quickly detect and eliminate code defects and errors that may impact a website, helping achieve maximum uptime for its visitors.

4. Collaborative cloud tools at your fingertips 

When website content needs to be updated quickly, Surfable provides an intuitive UI that can be managed by non-technical users. Of course, for maximum control and greater flexibility, the Go code can be put into Hugo, the world’s fastest framework for building websites. The content from Hugo can be exported directly to GitHub, an online storage portal, which can then be shared directly with Surfable for fast updates. This ensures websites get the updates they need quickly through a variety of cloud-enabled software partners.

5. Speed-optimized templates and media

Surfable is equipped with out-of-the-box web design templates that have been expertly engineered to deliver performance and speed. They’re designed with an intuitive UI to enable quick website changes with minimal effort. Equally important is the automation of media optimization, one of the biggest drains on a website’s resources. Page speed is directly impacted by the content being stored within it, so that’s why Surfable automates media optimization, removing the friction and extra steps that would typically be required to compress files and other design elements for optimal web performance. With this, websites can continue to provide rich and engaging experiences without compromising speed and performance.

Surfable can do wonders for your online business in the ways that matter most: Speed impacts conversion, experience, and brand visibility. You’ll be armed with the fastest website-building technology that integrates with the most popular programming languages, while automating mundane, time consuming tasks so you spend more time on what counts – growing your business by reducing bounce and increasing conversions. And of course increasing the return on all that marketing investment.

Surfable is synonymous with speed - and with that, performance and agility - and it’s leading the charge in creating online experiences and connecting users across the globe.

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